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Experts Panel


  1. What does Lobo & Luna mean? It is Spanish for Wolf & Moon. We chose the name, because in a pack, a wolf is known as a leader. We aim to be a leader in our industry. The moon is a sign of change and new life. We constantly want to innovate and change the way people think about human capital & their talent. 

  2. Why Talent Management & Human Capital instead of Human Resources? Human Resources has somewhat of a negative connotation. Human Capital signifies that our employees & people are an investment. We like to use the word talent, because we feel people are the most important part of any organization and each one of those employees has a talent & is an asset to the team.

  3.  Do you do temp-to-hire, contract, & direct placement? We are willing to work with you on any of these staffing placements. The first step is to contact us!

  4. What can't we send a job description and you find us someone? Why do you need to talk to us? We need to make sure partnering with us is the right fit for you and us. We also need much more information than a job description. We want your new employee to be the right person for the position - one that fits in with your company culture &  meets your requirements as well. 

  5. What is Talent Development? It is employee development & training. We can help companies develop training plans & classes. We can help write, develop, & implement new hire training courses. We can help develop training programs for promotions or lateral transfers. 

  6. What is a LMS? Learning Management System - we can help when you want to move your training programs to a virtual and/or hybrid model.

  7. What is Talent Engagement? It is how a company engages their employees - the company culture. It starts with onboarding new employees through how an employee is terminated. We can help implement these processes. Through meetings in person & virtually, we will guide you through setting up your engagement procedures or assist in improving the procedures already in place. 

  8. What about Salary & Benefit planning? We can assist with Salary Comparisons & market rates for new roles or exisiting roles. We take into consideration benefits & perks you offer to give you an idea of how competitive you are. We can assist with new benefits plans & packages. 

  9. What if I don't have a HR department? Depending on the size of your company, you really need one. We can help you get started from the ground up! We've done it several times. If you are small enough your own in-house HR employee isn't warranted, you can outsource some of those processes to us. You don't want to fall out of compliance with employment law.

  10. What if you can't handle our need? We will find someone who can. We want you to succeed even if that means you should partner with another company. 

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